Burn Injuries

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Care and Compensation for Victims of Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries

Victims of burn injuries face many difficult challenges. They suffer severe pain and can experience discomfort in hot weather. They often suffer extreme emotional pain too. Burn victims deserve the best medical care available.
We are dedicated to helping victims of burn injuries and other catastrophic injuries get the medical care and compensation which can make their lives easier. If a family member has suffered serious burns in an accident, contact us for a free consultation. We want to help your loved one get compensation and the best medical care available.

An Experienced Advocate for Accident Victims

Derrel has been helping victims of serious accidents obtain medical care and compensation since 1981. His experience includes cases involving serious injuries caused by vehicle accidents, construction accidents, defective products, and other acts of negligence.
In serious burn injury cases, we work with a team of medical experts and other professionals who can identify the medical care, long-term care, and services the victim needs. In some cases, this may include cosmetic surgery and psychological counseling to deal with the effects of scarring. A life-care planner will compile a detailed outline of all of the particular services and medical care the victim will need for the rest of his or her life.
We will also work with an economist who can accurately calculate the future income which the victim will not be able to earn. Our goal will be to obtain all of the care and compensation the victim deserves.

With You All the Way

Our firm always tries to resolve injury cases as quickly as possible. Careful case preparation can often result in a good settlement, but we never sacrifice our client’s interests just to get a case resolved quickly. Sometimes however, a lawsuit is necessary to obtain acceptable results. Whatever it takes, we will work to obtain maximum compensation for you.