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Being accused or charged with a crime is a difficult time in anyone’s life. Fortunately, you do not have to face this task alone. Make sure you have an experienced advocate on your side to protect your rights.

What do I do if I’ve been arrested or charged with a crime?

If you find yourself in this unfortunate situation do not panic. Do not answer questions from the authorities without a lawyer present. Individuals who try and talk themselves out of a criminal charge can end up causing bigger problems for themselves and their case. Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer to have someone to advocate on your behalf.


Experience counts when hiring a criminal defense lawyer. Brandon has experience defending and prosecuting criminal cases. Let him use that experience to work for you.

Being a former Chief Felony Prosecutor, Brandon was able to gain valuable experience quickly both in trial and in negotiating cases. Brandon has argued 120 trials to verdict throughout his career. Make sure any lawyer you hire is willing to go to trial if that is in the best interest of your case.

Sometimes a plea negotiation is in the client’s best interest. Brandon has negotiated cases as a defense attorney and prosecutor. Come in for a free consultation to discuss all of the options in your case.


Fees in a criminal defense case depend on several factors including the charge, number of cases and the complexity of the case. While an excessive fee quoted by a lawyer does not necessarily mean you will receive the best representation, this is not a situation where anyone will do. A criminal charge can tarnish your record or take away your freedom. Make an appointment today to discuss your options. We accept cash, credit cards and cashier’s checks.

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